Projectors for Large Screen Rooms

Installation projectors are ideal for large classrooms. At over 4,000 lumens, they’re bright and powerful, allowing you to project without lowering the blinds.

Digital Podium

Wooden podiums/ rostrum, made of high quality rubber/teak wood, are widely used by lecturers in Classrooms, presenters in conference rooms

White Board

A whiteboard is a glossy, usually white surface for nonpermanent markings. Whiteboards are analogous to blackboards, but with a smoother surface

Digital Communication cameras

The photo camera accessory connects to the Syrus and takes photos based on any configurable event conditions.


We Celestasinnovation is Authorised Partner and Distributors of Sony India for their Range of Projector, Video conferencing, Communication camera Etc. As a independent consultant we are trying to provide right product to every person. Our group of technical team is just providing information and solutions as per your requirement.

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